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Material Girl

Brown Bodycon Floral Dress - Material Girl - Women's Small # 2182

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This is like a sassy office party dress.

Imagine this....All year you show up at work wearing boring, conservative, business casual attire.  You keep your head down, hair tied back, glasses on, you do amazing work, your peers respect you but don't really KNOW you.

Then here we are, holiday time.  The office decides to throw their first holiday party!  You gotta go, you love parties, they don't know that, but you've actually got some party tricks up your sleeve....

Anyways, the night of the party is here!  You do your hair and makeup, throw on this hot-mama dress, maybe some little (or big) heels and a big coat, it's cold out!

You show up to the party and people are already getting a little silly. Your coworker, let's call her Trish, she comes over to say hi and gives you a big hug.  She offers to take your coat, and as soon as that bad boy is off, everyone's jaws DROP.  The music stops.  You can hear a pin drop.  Everyone is in AWE of your smokin body in this cutie dress.  It's really a Princess Diaries moment, we've seen it time and time again in movies but never knew it could happen in real life!

You look around, cool and confident, and a little blushed, and tell your best dad joke!  Everyone bursts out laughing and someone brings you a drink, you get some little snacks, and 10 marriage proposals. 

What a night.

In good used condition, tight and stretchy, has some sheer panels, clasps behind the neck.

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⭐️Brand: Material Girl

⭐️Size: Women's small

⭐️Model is 5'6", size 4 for reference.

⭐️All brands size a bit differently, please let me know if you need measurements.

⭐️Item has been cleaned and is ready to wear!

⭐️Bundles are encouraged and all prices are negotiable, just send me a message :)

⭐️This is a second hand item, there will be some signs of wear, I try to note them all in the description, and I apologize if you find one I did not catch.

⭐️If you have any questions or issues with your order please send me a message and I will fix it right away